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Privacy Policy

1) domain name is registered by
2) All content supply by Paid/FREE advertiser, we do not bear any responsibility / copyright issued at all time.
3) We do not offer ANY money back gurantee upon payment of our Services.
4) Contents/images/text supplied by the Client 'Paid' are subject to legal type.
5) All payment is done via Paypal only.
6) All Ads display at is our Advertiser or our own ADs. It may caused some disdurtance to visitor.
7) We shall not be responsible for any Server error and Internet Down time. We will by all means restore the Services ASAP with our Hosting partner.
8) We gurantee your display ADs in our respective sites for 7/15/30 days or the Plan you selected.
9) All contents in, is for read only purposed.
10) All email address collected will be kept confidential, no release to third party.
11) The email address shall be used as our internal newsletter / promotion purposes only.
12) At all time, we had the right to remove contents (in all form) immediately without piror notice to advertiser.
13) All associated Domain Name are for marketing purposes belongs to
14) We are sure to release any information required by any government agency upon requested by them.
15) We will early inform client/advertiser about Server maintenance.
16) Please do not send us any confidential or proprietary information via the Internet.
17) We by all means not to have same business AD to cause business conflict.
18) We do not offer Money Back gurantee. All payment done is not refundable.

updated on 07 Dec 2013

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